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At Luv + Lux, we understand that your business is unique and that your customer is coming to you because you meet their needs, wants, or expectations in a meaningful way. 
That’s why we work together with you to create show-stopping logos and branding elements that not only allow your potential client to get a feeling for what your brand imbues, but also communicates the unspoken nuances of who you are as a business. And, that’s why we don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.



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"Our designs provoke emotions. They inspire customer loyalty. They are an investment in your business."

A La Carte 

Limited Edition

  • Logo suite

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Investment $475

Main, Alternate and Watermark Logo Suite

2 Colours

Png, jpeg & PDF only

Includes 5 Options & 2 Hours of Revisions  

$75 Additional per hour

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Branding Questions

Why You nEEd more than 1 logo

We have all been there, desperately trying to squish our logos into profile images, business cards, and various marketing materials. Your primary logo may be wonderful, but if it isn’t flexible, then you may be damaging your brand identity.
A squished, blurry logo does not communicate the right message. To build a strong brand, you must have a brand identity that translates well online, in print, and on merchandise. It is rare that one logo style can meet all your needs, so we highly recommend a logo suite as opposed to just a logo.

Whats the difference in the logo formats?

PNG, PDF, JPEG, and vector files are different file formats commonly used for logos. Here's a brief explanation of each format:

1. PNG (Portable Network Graphics): PNG is a lossless image format that supports transparency. It is ideal for logos with complex shapes or transparent backgrounds. PNG files are widely supported and can be used across different digital platforms.

2. PDF (Portable Document Format): PDF is a versatile file format that preserves the visual integrity of a document across different devices and platforms. It is not specifically designed for logos but can be used to store high-quality logo images. PDF files can be easily resized without losing quality.

3. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group): JPEG is a compressed image format commonly used for photographs and web graphics. It uses lossy compression, meaning it sacrifices some image quality to reduce file size. While JPEG is not the best choice for logos with sharp edges or areas of solid color, it is widely supported and suitable for web use.

4. Vector Files: Vector files are created using vector graphics software and consist of mathematical formulas that define shapes and lines. Unlike raster images (such as PNG, PDF, and JPEG), vector files are resolution-independent. This means they can be scaled to any size without losing quality. Common vector formats for logos are AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

In summary, PNG is suitable for logos with transparency, PDF is versatile for various purposes, JPEG is more suitable for photographs, and vector files are ideal for logos requiring scalability without losing quality. The choice of format depends on the intended use and requirements of your logo.

Can i order more business cards?

YES! There is an option to upgrade your quantity at time of booking, to re-order just send a us a message we will also give you your business card design to print wherever you please.

What is A brand Mood board?

A brand mood board is a visual representation of a brand's desired look, feel, and overall aesthetic. It is a collection of images, colors, typography, textures, and other visual elements that help define the brand's personality and evoke the desired emotions or associations.

A brand mood board serves as a source of inspiration and guidance during the brand development process. It helps align the brand's visual identity with its values, target audience, and overall brand strategy. By curating a mood board, brands can visually communicate the desired tone, style, and atmosphere they want to convey to their customers.

The mood board can include images, photographs, color palettes, typography samples, textures, patterns, and other visual elements that capture the essence of the brand. It can be created using physical boards with cutouts or digitally using tools like Pinterest, Canva, or Adobe Creative Suite.

Overall, a brand mood board acts as a visual reference that guides designers, marketers, and other stakeholders in creating consistent and cohesive brand visuals across various touchpoints and communication channels.

Benefits Of A Strong Brand:

A solid branding foundation helps your business stand out from the competition. It allows you to highlight your unique selling points, values, and personality, making it easier for customers to choose your brand over others.
Premium Pricing: 
A well-established brand can command premium pricing. When customers perceive your brand as valuable, trustworthy, and unique, they are often willing to pay a higher price for your products or services compared to generic alternatives.
Consistency & Cohesion: 
A branding foundation provides guidelines for consistent visual and verbal communication across all touchpoints. This ensures that your brand's message, tone, and visuals are coherent, creating a unified customer experience that builds trust and reinforces your brand identity.
Expansion & Growth
 A strong brand foundation lays the groundwork for future growth and expansion. As your business evolves, having a clear brand identity and positioning makes it easier to introduce new products, enter new markets, and engage with a broader audience.
Luv + Lux is a brand & web design studio located in Toronto, Ontario.
We have worked with small and large businesses all over the globe. With a keen eye for detail and a love for storytelling, I have dedicated myself to crafting unique and memorable brand experiences.
By investing in a solid branding foundation, you can reap these benefits, effectively communicate your brand's value, and establish a strong presence in the market.

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